Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Safe, legal, and ethical use of digital information and technology

When having technology in the classroom it is important to understand how to first, have set goals on how the technology should be used a tool in the curriculum and secondly, how it should be a safe environment  for students to use as a resource. This website, Leland Public Schools : Responsible Use is a great resource for teachers or other school members that are creating rules and guidelines to making technology a safe, legal, and ethical use in the classroom. The Leland Schools have ideas from how to legally monitor  the uses of how the students are using the internet, and how to legally block certain websites that students should not be looking at while in the classroom. They also state how it is very important to have a "privilege, trust, and individual accountability" for students, so that this  insures that students will promise to use the internet safely and responsibly (2011LelandPublicSchools). I feel that this website can help a lot of schools and teachers to shape a safe environment for students, when it comes to the more use of the internet,  in the classroom.

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  1. I enjoyed reading each of the sections for this post. I think your ideas in the area of safety are very thoughtful. As you stated, technology has the potential to be very powerful and meaningful in our students’ lives, but it also comes with risks. As teachers we must be cognizant of these risks and help our students to use technology to its full potential, but also help them to understand how to do that in a safe and legal way.